‘The Doctor’ stars as ‘Doctor Who’ creator dies of a brain tumor


(AP) “The Doctor” star Peter Capaldi will not be the only person in “The Thick of It” who will be gone for awhile.

Capaldi died Monday at age 53, his family said in a statement.

He was a beloved actor, who was known for his work in the 1980s and ’90s TV series “The Big Bang Theory,” and his work as “Doctor Who” creator is a huge part of that legacy.

Capaldo was an important part of the “Doctor” legacy, having been the star of the series for over two decades.

The actor, a British citizen who spent much of his childhood in the U.K., has said he would like to return to the series.

Capaldis death is a major blow to the long-running “Doctor,” who won an Emmy Award for his role in the first “Doctor.”

The actor’s death will come at a time when the show has been struggling to find a new home in the United States.

The series will end its run on Jan. 3.