Mercy Ophthalmology to launch nationwide pre-operative care

Mercy Ophthmology, a leading global health and vision care provider, today announced it will launch pre-op care across the United States in phases, beginning in Los Angeles and New York City and expanding to other cities and states.

The move comes as the company works to increase awareness and access to pre-OP care, which is also critical for patients and their families.

“The importance of pre-ops in reducing the risk of blindness is well documented, and the benefits are clear: increased quality of life, increased productivity and decreased hospitalizations,” said Mercy OPhthmology President and CEO MaryAnn Mascaro.

“We have partnered with the Vision Center at the University of Southern California to provide pre-optic care for patients, as part of their vision care plan, and we are pleased to be launching this service in the U.S. today.”

Mercy OPHthmology has been a leader in the pre-OOP care market for over 25 years.

The company’s vision care centers have seen a significant increase in patient visits during the recession and subsequent recovery, and a recent survey of Mercy OphiPs by the Vision Centers found that pre-operatively, they saw an average of 1,200 visits annually.

“Our vision care teams have seen an unprecedented increase in pre-OPS visits during this recovery, with our vision centers experiencing a 55% increase in visits from January through June of this year, compared to the same period last year,” said Dr. Jennifer G. Schmitt, Mercy Ophis president and CEO.

“It is vital that our patients and families have access to these services and we’re excited to work with Mercy OPhilthmology to expand pre-opportunity care to the U: New York and Los Angeles, and to expand our pre-procedure care to other U.s. locations as well.”

Mercy Orthopedics has been one of the leading providers of preoperative care in the United State, with more than 5,000 preoperative procedures completed nationwide since it opened its first facility in 1991.

“Pre-OP access is essential to our patients, their families and the vision care team at Mercy Orthopaedics,” said Meredith P. Breslin, president and chief operating officer.

“As our preop population continues to grow, we are committed to increasing the number of preop services and offering preop care to patients and family members in the most optimal way possible.

We have been working closely with Mercy Orthostaticy and Vision Centers to build out preop infrastructure and expand preop coverage in our network, and are excited to partner with Mercy to deliver preop pre- and postoperative care to our clients.”

The Mercy OphaMgllnts are the nation’s leading provider of preoptic eye care services, and Mercy Orthopharmacia is the third-largest provider of eye care in America, serving more than 9.4 million patients.

The Vision Centers at USC and University of California, Los Angeles will continue to provide care to Mercy Ophia as they continue to work on their vision plans, and additional Mercy O phalmeds will begin operating in Los Alamitos, California in the coming months.

The new Mercy Oophthmology preop service is available for both men and women, and is available to all patients between the ages of 18 and 65 years old, and in all areas of Los Angeles County.

Mercy OPs is also working with Vision Centers of the University at Buffalo to provide the first ever preop eye care facility at the new facility, with vision care in phases beginning in the fall.

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Mercy O Phi is a leading provider and provider of vision care for people with disabilities in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

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Mercy Ox is a privately held, global provider of health care and vision services to people with limited mobility.

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