Why women in the ophthalmological profession are still suffering

A group of women are calling for an overhaul of the profession and a gender pay gap, and for an end to discrimination.

“Women are often told to ‘put the doctor first’ and ‘women in the profession are under-represented,'” said the group’s founder, Shari K. Krawczyk.

“If we want to see women in these roles, we need to put them in charge of making decisions, rather than just having them do it.”

This is why we need a gender gap in ophtological roles.

“Krawczyk is the founder of the women-led ophthalmic group.

The group’s mission is to bring more women into the profession, she said.”

The Ophthalmic Association of Ontario has a very inclusive and open policy on gender equality and equal pay for all women and the organization is very committed to that,” Krawcyk said.

The OVAO said in a news release that it is “open to working with the government to address this issue.””

The OTA is committed to working together with all parties to address the issue and ensure that women are given the opportunity to lead.”