What the heck happened to Brook’s Ophthalmology?

Brook Plaza Ophthalmologists have been on a tear.

They’re still in the process of getting ready for the new season, but they’re already seeing a surge in patients.

“They’ve been extremely busy.

There are more appointments than usual,” Dr. Michael Miller, Brook’s medical director of operations, told ABC News.

That’s a great thing, Miller said.

But the Brook Plaza is a really good thing, as well.

“There’s a lot of work being done,” he said.

So, who is Brook’s patients?

Here are some highlights of the Brook’s success stories.1.

A man was diagnosed with cataracts after a CT scan.

His doctor found a “signature” in his vision.2.

A woman with catastrophic refractive errors who had surgery to correct a congenital birth defect was able to work again after undergoing a new procedure.3.

A patient who lost her sight in the eye was able back up to the nursing home after a scan revealed the defect.4.

A former firefighter with multiple surgeries was able find a job as a barista at a local restaurant.5.

A student at a college who suffered a traumatic brain injury suffered a complete recovery after undergoing surgery.6.

A young man with multiple head injuries recovered after undergoing facial reconstruction.7.

A person who had a brain hemorrhage after a brain surgery was able restore normal function to his vision by getting some sleep.8.

A doctor who had two operations for a traumatic head injury returned to work after having surgery.9.

A family member of a man with epilepsy who was having surgery to remove the epilepsy was able regain his full sight after surgery.10.

A retired firefighter who was in the military during the Vietnam War had a complete restoration of his vision after surgery to replace a lost eye after a head injury.11.

A military veteran was able return to the workplace after having two surgeries for a head wound.12.

A dog owner who had multiple surgeries to repair an eye after an accident was able take part in a family event that involved a dog.13.

A nurse who had several surgeries to treat a heart attack after the surgery was found to have recovered fully from the procedure.14.

A father who lost his sight due to a stroke was able attend a school reunion after his son was able see his father again.15.

A high school senior was able go to the beach to visit his family and his girlfriend had a wonderful time.16.

A girl who had undergone surgery to repair her cataract after her husband’s death had a beautiful vacation.17.

A new father was able spend his vacation with his newborn son after getting a scan showing that her catacopy was not damaged.18.

A mother who lost sight in her left eye after having an operation to remove an enlarged tumor was able get the procedure done again after having her vision restored.19.

A grandfather who had his eyesight removed after an attack from a burglar was able use the procedure to get back into the workforce.20.

A parent who was diagnosed as having congenital heart defects could have a successful career.21.

A veteran with PTSD was able recover after undergoing the procedure in the Army.22.

A husband and wife were able to go to a doctor for a second opinion after getting the scan showing an eye injury.23.

A dad who had to have a double vision operation after losing his sight in both eyes during his combat service could have been back to work.24.

A mom who lost vision in both of her eyes after undergoing emergency surgery was not only able to see her daughter again, she was able enjoy the holidays.25.

A child who suffered from congenital deafness could have continued her education after undergoing an eye exam.26.

A grandmother who had her vision destroyed by a car crash was able have a vision restored after a double eye exam and a cataractic procedure.27.

A friend of a friend was able pick up his daughter after a visit to the dentist.28.

A cancer patient who was admitted to a hospital for chemotherapy after having a scan found his eyes and vision restored at the hospital.29.

A boy who lost both eyes in the same operation was able visit his mother again after a successful surgery.30.

A senior woman with multiple eye problems who had another surgery to get her vision back was able make a full recovery.31.

A pediatrician who had reconstructive surgery for a fractured jaw could have returned to the workforce as a primary care physician.32.

A physician who had four surgeries for cataracs to repair a ruptured carotid artery was able travel to the airport in an ambulance.33.

A school bus driver who had catarascopic surgery for an ear infection could return to school with a full resume.34.

A firefighter with two operations to repair his eye socket was able reenter the