Shady Grove Children’s Hospital gets new $25 million facility

BELLINGHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — Shady Grove Children’s is expanding its facility in the Baltimore area.

The new facility will allow for patients to receive medical care at a new level.

Shady Groves, a Baltimore nonprofit health care system, is one of four pediatric ophthalmologists working under the Shady Care umbrella.

The other two are Dr. Richard Schuster and Dr. John Clements.

Shadys new facility in Baltimore is expected to be operational in 2019.

ShadyGroves medical director Dr. Gary Hauschke said the new facility is expected in conjunction with the development of ShadyCare’s new pediatric center in South Baltimore.

Shared Services at Shady is expected be a new center that will allow patients to visit with family, get care in their homes, and more.

Shayne Smith-Gross, executive director of Shader’s Childrens Medical Group, said the partnership between the Johns Hopkins Children’s and Shady Hospital will help Shady grow and provide more opportunities for families to visit and care for their children.

Smith-Goss said the two institutions will collaborate on health care and research to help children and families in need.

Shader has been working in the area of children’s medicine for more than 30 years.

Since 2001, it has served children and adults in the Northeast and Midwest with care for chronic, chronic conditions, epilepsy, diabetes, and asthma.

Shader is an American Association Certified Comprehensive Ophthalmology and Dental Clinic.