More than $1.4M to fund eye surgeries in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) More than a year after a deadly earthquake struck southern California, local health officials say more than $5 million has been poured into emergency eye surgeries and rehabilitation centers for people injured in the quake.

The money will go toward repairing glasses, eyeglasses, glasses, contact lenses, contact lens accessories, contact care, eye glasses, eye protective eyewear, contacts and other eye care supplies, said Sarah C. McArthur, the state’s public health director.

A state health official said more than 1,500 patients have been treated in local emergency departments, hospitals and clinics.

McArthur said the money would also be used to help cover the costs of those who need eye surgery.

She said more patients could be seen at emergency departments and hospital emergency rooms as well as rehabilitation centers.

The state also plans to expand its program to provide free eye exams for children and seniors.

It is not clear how much money the program will receive, but the money is a significant investment in treating patients and preventing the need for additional surgery, said Jennifer Kuehn, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Health.

In California, more than 5,500 people were hospitalized as a result of the earthquake, and nearly 3,000 people were treated for the effects of the quake, which caused power outages and widespread power outage and water shortages.

Officials have estimated that nearly 2,000 patients will require more than three days of hospitalization in the coming weeks, with more than 300 patients expected to need more than four days.

The California Department of Public Health said Friday that a total of $1,566,824 has been spent since the quake hit, including $500,000 for emergency surgeries and $100,000 to provide rehabilitation services.

McArthurs spokeswoman said the state had not identified the donors.

The quake struck at 4:39 p.m.

(1600 GMT) on Saturday near San Francisco and killed at least seven people.

The death toll is expected to rise.

The government has said it is taking precautions to prevent another earthquake in the area.

It also has been working with other states and cities to coordinate rescue and relief efforts.