How much will a lens cost you to see?

Here’s how much a lens will cost you depending on what kind of optics you want to use it for.


Aperture-based lenses:  The cheapest ones, like the $250 EF 35mm f/1.8 and the $300 Nikon 85mm f1.4, come in at $400 and $700 respectively.

The Nikon 75mm f2.8 has a price tag of $1000, while the Canon EF 70-200mm f4-5.6L USM has a similar price tag at $1,400. 


Macro lenses: These are the most expensive lenses, with a range from $3,000 to $5,000.

You’re also likely to find a cheaper one for less.

The Canon EF 50mm f5.8L USMC has a retail price of $1.50, while Olympus’ EF 85mm Summilux III is available for $1 to $1.,400.


Supertelephoto lenses: Aperture primes are also pricey, and they’re not uncommon for $8,000 or more. 


Wide angle lenses: The widest lenses on the market are the f/2.0 Canon 35mm 1.4-inch (which has a lens element of 12mm) and the f5,6 Canon 135mm f3.5-5 to f8.0, which has a 25mm element of 6.3mm. 


Super zoom lenses: It’s the super zoom that you’ll need, because these lenses are usually the cheapest on the planet. 

A Canon EF 24-70mm f8 L IS USM lens is priced at $2,600, while a Canon EF 35-105mm f6.3-5 IS USMC is priced around $2.50.


Micro telephoto lenses : The cheapest Micro telephotos are the $150 Sony A7 II II, which is the Sony equivalent of a $400 full frame DSLR.

The $350 Sony A70 II is the equivalent of $600 full frame. 


Telephoto zoom lenses  (starting at $600): The cheapest Telephoto lenses are the Canon 70-300mm f11.5L IS II and Canon 85mm 2.8-4 IS USMM, both of which are $600 and $750 respectively. 


Wide aperture zoom lenses (starting at $1,600): The best wide aperture zoom is the Nikon D7000 f/4G, which can zoom to 120mm, 150mm, 180mm, and 200mm.

The same lens can be used for a wide range of f/22 to f/32, and it has a full frame equivalent of $800. 


Macro zoom lenses (start at $800): The best Macro lenses are Canon’s EF 85-400mm f10.6-15mm fisheye and the Nikon 135-300 mm f4.5G ED IS II, both $1000 and $2,-400 respectively.


Super telephoto zoom (Start at $3.00): It’s the best super telephoto lens, and its price tag is a bargain compared to the other telephoto options.

The Nikkor 50mm 1-inch f/3.4 ED AS USM is a $3-4,500 lens, the Nikon 135mm 2-inch f/3D IS US is $2-3,200, and the Nakagawa Nikon DS-D4 is a $4,100 lens. 


Super wide angle zoom  (start at 1,500): This is a good wide angle lens, but its price is a little steep.

The Nikkor 55mm f22mm f0.95 is $5,200 and Nikkor 85mm 1:4-4.7 is priced at 2,000 and $2,800 respectively.13.

Macro wide angle  (starting from $3,500) This lens is the best wide angle, but the Nikons Nikonia DS II is an $8,500 and $9,400 Lens.14.

Macro telephoto  (Start at 4,000): An excellent macro telephoto, the Nikon 35-70 NKK EX is at 3,800 and a 3.2-inch equivalent of 4,400mm.15.

Superwide angle (5,400): A super wide angle is a good telephoto lens but the Canon EOS 6D isnt one it can’t be the Canon DS3 is. 16. Macro