How Israel’s $5 billion Ophthalmology Program was funded and implemented by a Saudi Arabia-linked NGO

The Israeli Ministry of Health’s $2 billion Ocular Medicine Program, launched by the Israeli government in 2016, was heavily funded by the Saudi Arabian-owned Saudi Eye Foundation, a charity that works closely with Israeli universities to train ophthalmologists and other medical professionals.

The funding was reportedly used to train a small number of ophthalmic students at Israel’s universities.

The institute’s mission is to provide a foundation for the development of high-quality medical education and research in Saudi Arabia, where the Ocular Foundation is based.

The Ocular Initiative is a joint venture between the Saudi Arabia Eye Foundation and the Ophthalmic Foundation of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Arabia Ocular Institute is a part of the Saudi Ministry of Defense, which oversees all the kingdom’s military medical programs.

Ophthalmologist and Israeli-American author and researcher Dr. Nir Bar-Yosef said in an interview with The Jerusalem Report that while the Oventre Foundation, the Saudi-owned group that operates the institute, had a strong financial interest in promoting Saudi Arabia as a health superpower, they also did not want to hurt their own interests.

Bar-Zohar, who runs the Center for Middle East Politics and the Globalization of Democracy at Tel Aviv University, said the Saudi Foundation is not an Israeli entity and is not responsible for the institute’s programs, but rather serves as a middleman between the government and the Saudi Embassy.

“We are a non-profit organization,” he said.

“It is an Israeli organization that operates a fund to support research in Israel and in Saudi-Arabia.

It is not funded by Saudi Arabia.”

The Saudi embassy declined to comment to The Jerusalem Reporter on the Saudi Oventree Foundation.

The Israeli government, which has recently raised the ire of the American Medical Association (AMA), is reportedly looking into the Overencure Foundation’s funding and management.

A senior government official told the Jerusalem Report in January that the Overerencures Fund was funded by $100 million of the $2.8 billion fund.

The money was reportedly earmarked to create an additional $100.5 million to be used for medical education, training and other programs.

Barzilai said that the Saudi government is also trying to undermine the Israeli Overerengure Foundation and its programs in the United States.

Bar Zohar said that in the wake of the attack in Israel last November, he and his wife decided to launch a campaign to raise awareness about the need for the Ovingtons’ efforts in combating blindness.

“The Saudi government, when they see the level of violence and the damage to Israel’s health care system, they want to destroy it and take it away,” Barzillai said.

He said that although he believes the attacks are part of a Saudi-funded campaign against Israel, he does not believe the attacks were aimed at Israeli citizens.

“I don’t believe it was directed against Israel,” he explained.

“If it was, I would have no problems with it.

But I think it was a campaign.

There is a war in the Middle East.”

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has also been at the center of the Israeli-Saudi conflict.

Barzeri said that Israel’s government, with the help of the U.S., is working to isolate Saudi Arabia from the rest of the Middle Eastern region.

“They want to isolate us and isolate us from the whole region,” Barzeria said.