A doctor says his wife’s eye is a gift from God

A woman has claimed her eye is God’s gift and that he is her “only source of hope”.

Dr Praveen Singh, from New Delhi’s Bijnor Medical College, said his wife, who is blind, has always felt a sense of security and well-being, despite the fact she has a serious eye problem.

The doctor told the BBC the reason for her sense of safety was because she had been treated by a doctor in the past.

Dr Singh said he first noticed the changes in her vision at the age of 28.

“After my wife started having trouble seeing at night, I started to see a doctor.

The doctor asked me if I had noticed anything different.

I said no.

So I took a few glasses of light-sensitive film to see what the problem was.

He then told me about the eye problems of my wife,” he said.”

I told him I have no idea what she has and that she has never had any problems with her eye.

The reason for the change in my wife’s vision is that I am not her only source of confidence.”

The doctor added that his wife was always positive and positive, but now that she is having trouble, she feels more apprehensive.

“She is more cautious now, which means she feels less confident,” he explained.

“But I tell her I have been doing my best and I am sure God will give her what she needs,” he added.

Dr Pravin Singh said his daughter has also suffered from an eye problem, but his wife says she was blessed by God.

“My daughter has a beautiful eye but she has an eye condition,” Dr Singh said.

“Her eye is now the only source for my faith.”