Recode’s Jim Breyer: ‘This is a new paradigm for the health care industry’

Recode, a media company that produces the popular podcast Recode Media, is launching a new podcast focused on health care, with a host of prominent doctors, researchers, and health care executives.

Recode Health, which will launch in late June, will include top-notch guests from the medical community, including David Gorski, M.D., who is known for his pioneering work on the intersection of medicine and science; Dr. Peter G. Orr, a Harvard University professor of medicine who was the first to report that vaccines are linked to a reduced risk of autism; and Dr. Richard A. Lindzen, a leading medical writer and medical ethicist.

“This is an industry that’s been struggling for decades, and this is a brand new paradigm in health care,” Recode CEO Noah Glass said.

Recodes guests are a mix of top doctors and scientists, as well as prominent medical figures and influencers.

The program will include guests that include: