How to spot a child with a serious eye problem

The parents of a four-year-old boy with an eye problem say they were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support after he was diagnosed with a severe eye infection.

The boy has been in intensive care for a week and has had multiple surgeries.

Doctors have told the family that he has a life-threatening infection and the boy’s condition has deteriorated.

He has been hospitalized for four days, his father, Aaron Sussman, told the ABC.

“We have lost him to the world and it has taken a toll on us, he is a very strong person and we are just very thankful that he is here,” Mr Sussmann said.

A nurse who treated the boy at the hospital said the boy is in a “stable condition” but is “going to need a lot of help”.

“He is a really resilient person,” the nurse said.

“It is heartbreaking to see him so close to the edge.

In an emotional interview with ABC Radio Perth, Aaron said the family had not been able to go to the hospital in time for their son to receive surgery.

Aaron said the child’s condition was so bad that he could not even watch his son’s surgery.”

I am just really heartbroken,” he said.

The boy is now being kept at a hospital facility.

It was a rare case in WA for a child to have a serious infection, but parents Aaron and Nicole Sussmans said the case was no different to the cases they have seen in other parts of Australia.

They said the condition was not life- threatening, but they were worried that the boy might have a life threatening infection.

Aaron and Nicole say they have been overwhelmed by support after their son was diagnosed by his parents with a life threat infection, in the middle of the night.

Their son was admitted to a hospital in the city of Perth, in WA’s north-west, after he got a sore eye.”

He has an eye infection, which is very serious and requires immediate surgery,” Aaron Sommers said.”

It is very hard for the parents and it is very scary for them.

When they have a baby it is hard for them to be there and for them it is just impossible.

“The couple said the infection had spread to the surrounding eye and that they were concerned the boy would have to have surgery.

Aaron said they were not sure how long the infection would last, but he hoped it would go away soon.”

If we are able to get him out of that hospital, he will be fine, he just needs some time to recover,” he told ABC Radio WA.

Nicole Sussons said she was concerned about how long it would take the infection to kill the boy, but was grateful that his parents were not able to travel to Perth for the surgery.

The family’s case has been featured on ABC Radio Melbourne’s “Family Matters” program and has been shared more than 400,000 times on social media.”

The hospital was overwhelmed with the number of calls and emails and we’re just so thankful that the parents are here to provide the support,” Ms Susson said.