How to become an ophthalmologist

Ophthalmologists can earn thousands of dollars by teaching and treating patients, but not everyone can afford the $120,000 or more a bachelor’s degree typically requires.

This is where cascade ophthalmic can help.

The startup offers the most affordable and advanced education available to its patients, and it’s also designed to be flexible, according to CEO Matthew Lohr.

It offers a degree that covers a wide range of specialty, but also offers an accelerated training program that provides students with the tools they need to stay in business.

Students can choose from a broad array of courses to fulfill their specializations, including ophthalmoscope, intraocular pressure, ophthalmygology, and optometry.

In the course of one semester, students can complete a range of courses including advanced optometry, ocular imaging, vision therapy, and the eye care curriculum.

The company has already been recognized for its educational offerings, and its students have been accepted to the U.S. Army Medical Corps, the University of Minnesota, and more.

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