Bayshores eye hospital to undergo upgrades

The first phase of the Bayshire Eye Hospital (BIH) project, which aims to transform the old Bayshit Hospital into a modern medical facility, has been awarded by the National Capital Corporation (NC) to the State Government.

The phase-II Baysharim Medical Campus has been approved by the NCC and the National Technical Authority of Health (NTAH), as per the phase-I Bayshim Medical Campus, which is currently under construction.

The Phase-II project will also see a construction of a new wing, the NTC-2, for the medical centre.

The Phase-III Baysheere Medical Campus will be built by a consortium led by the Bisht Hospital and will be inaugurated by the State Cabinet on December 10.

Bisht Medical Campus was inaugurated in May 2016, and the project has been in the works since.

The Bishtehs Eye Hospital was built in 1889 and it was constructed on the site of the old hospital.

Its main purpose was to treat eye injuries.

The hospital was originally established as a hospital for patients with eye diseases.

It was expanded to a primary and a secondary hospital in 1930, and in 1949 it was renamed Bishtchai Medical College, in honor of Bishts grandson Bishta, who served as an instructor at the college.

The hospital had a population of around 2,000 at the time of the British Mandate.

The Bishttai Medical college was renamed to Bishtin Hospital after the Bani Salah Khan (the Bani Khan was a Muslim governor of the province) in 1956.

The College was closed in 1974, and Bishtan Hospital was also demolished in 1989.