A video of a doctor at Cornell University doing something weird

Posted by ian klein on May 27, 2019 08:04:03The Cornell University Ophthalmology Department is having a fun day with a video of one of their doctors doing something odd, in a very unusual setting.

In this video, the doctor appears to be talking to a patient, with the patient speaking to him.

The doctor then appears to walk away, and the patient walks away.

The patient appears to go back to his desk and sit down, and then the doctor walks back to the patient.

Then the patient appears again to ask the doctor if he has done anything weird.

The first time the doctor said something odd in the video, he said, “Oh, you’ve done a lot of weird stuff.”

Then the doctor says, “I’m not sure, but you know, I’m not really sure what you mean.”

After that, he says, he looked into it.

The answer?

He had done some strange things.

But he did it at the Mayo Clinic.