When a woman gets a new cat, she can’t bring it home because the owner has been shot and killed by an angry homeowner

By Michael S. SchulmanPublished December 07, 2017 04:12:16A New Jersey woman is calling for a change in how residents can get their cat out of their homes.

The incident happened earlier this month when a homeowner came across the cat in a trashcan in a New Jersey city, according to a Facebook post by Emily D. from New Jersey.

The homeowner told her that the cat had been shot by an intruder.

“My husband and I came home to find the cat, dead, in a garbage can, with no name on it,” Emily wrote.

“My husband called police, and the officers showed up to the scene.

They had to get an ambulance, because the cat was already dead.

It was heartbreaking, and heartbreaking to see.”

Emily was so upset that she wanted to bring the cat home, but the woman didn’t want to give her the name of the person who killed the cat.

Instead, Emily wrote, she decided to call the police and demand a police report.

Police confirmed to Business Insider that the woman had called the police to report the death of the cat earlier that day.

The police report indicates that Emily’s husband and the officer who came to the house told her the cat belonged to a neighbor and was killed by the person in the yard.

The neighbor told police that she had shot and wounded the cat and called the authorities.

Emily told Business Insider she called police to find out what happened.

She told Business Editor she was upset about the situation and felt she needed to speak up.

“I was really upset,” Emily said.

“I was just so scared, I was really angry, and I really needed to talk to somebody.

I couldn’t find anybody to help me.”

Emily’s husband also called the cops, but he said he wasn’t sure what to say.

“We were both in disbelief,” Emily told Business.

“He said, ‘We’re going to call police, we’ll let them know we’re out of the house.'”

Emily told the local news that she didn’t think the police would investigate.

“It’s so easy to not want to believe that something like this could happen,” Emily explained.

“But we don’t want them to go through with it, and it’s very difficult to go to a police station and be like, ‘I didn’t do anything wrong.'”

She said she didn