How to use the Ophthalmic Summit app for more information on eye health and prescription refills

Posted March 04, 2018 12:10:39A new app has been released that will allow users to easily track their eye health status and fill prescriptions from any device.

The app, called the Summit, can be used to track and view the patient’s eye health in real-time.

The Summit allows users to enter their information, view their current eye health, and see which prescription refill is available.

Users can also upload their prescription refilling information, and the app will send out a push notification when a refill is available, according to the app’s website.

Summit users can also set up their phone to receive notifications from the Summit and other apps that can receive these notifications.

“The Summit app allows Summit users to track their health, their prescription refill, and their eye-health data,” Summit’s website reads.

“We are working to expand the Summit app to include more information about your eye health including your symptoms, symptoms severity, medications, and any other health-related information that you provide.

Summeshare is a subscription-based app that allows users and their guests to store their data, such as health and health history, in a cloud-based server.

Summit allows guests to track health information through the Summit to a personal account.”

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