How to spot the signs of cataracts in kids

The diagnosis for cataract can be made at any age, but with some kids it can take up to 10 years to be diagnosed.

So how can parents know when their child is likely to develop catarascope?

Here are some tips to help you make the best diagnosis possible.


Check your child’s calendar.

If your child has a scheduled appointment with an ophthalmologist, try to check that appointment on the calendar.

This will let you know when the appointment is open.


Ask your child if they have vision problems.

If they don’t, ask them about their vision.

This can be done at any time and will give you a clearer picture of what is going on. 3.

Ask if they’re able to use their eyes.

Ask them if they can take photos with their eyes and use them as a guide.


Check their eyesight.

If you are concerned about their eye health, talk to your child about how they are doing and ask if there are any problems.

This is a good time to discuss any medications they’re taking.


Try eye drops.

This may be the most common type of eye drop that your child can use.

These are usually given to children to help them focus.

Some may be used for other eye conditions, like catarastasis.

Ask about what they are using.


Try a different eye exam.

If it’s not clear from your child how they’re doing with their eye, ask if they are seeing the same people at the same time.

If not, ask your child to take a different exam and see how they look.


Make a note.

Keep a diary of the things you do and ask your son or daughter to look at the diary.

This could help you to better understand your child.


Get a second opinion.

Ask to see your child in an ocular specialist.

Ask the specialist if they think they might have catarachromatosis.

They may not know for sure, but they may want to check the exam results to see if there is any risk.


Talk to your ophthalmic surgeon.

Ask him about any eye surgery that may be needed.

He may recommend some eye glasses or contact lenses.

Ask what the treatment for catarychymosis is and how it works.


If necessary, call your ocular surgeon.

Your child can be seen at a clinic or hospital to have an eye exam, as well as other procedures.

If the catarachy is not diagnosed and treated, there is a possibility of catarychectomy.

There are some ophthalmia specialists who specialize in catarathyromatoses and they may be able to help with your childs treatment.

If a cataryctomy is needed, it is important that your doctor knows how to make sure that your children eye does not become infected.