UIC Eye Health Fellow to Lead Optical Center in Columbus

UIC’s Optical Center will become a center of the next generation of research in optical health sciences.

The new center will focus on the development and application of innovative optical technologies, with an emphasis on the use of novel optical technologies in clinical and clinical trials, with a focus on advanced optics and high-speed optics, as well as high-quality image quality and quality imaging, according to the news release.UIC’s Center for Optical Research, which opened in the fall of 2016, will become the center for the development of optical technologies that are designed to address the most pressing challenges in the field of optics and imaging.

This includes, among other things, developing novel, high-performance, ultrafast optical technologies to address complex image acquisition problems.

The center’s faculty and researchers will develop new and innovative optical solutions for patients and clinicians.

The Center for Optics and Imaging will focus primarily on the application of novel and high performance optical technologies for medical and clinical imaging, and the development, application, and validation of novel solutions for advanced biomedical imaging.

The Optics Research Center will also focus on high-performing, high quality imaging solutions.

The Optical Research Center’s first clinical trial will be conducted in the upcoming spring, as part of a larger effort to evaluate the use and effectiveness of optoelectronic devices in the treatment of macular degeneration, according the news story.

The optical center is located in the Ohio Health Science Center, and will be located in Columbus at the corner of West State Street and Columbus Boulevard.