How to fix the optics of your sunglasses

It’s time to make your eyes less conspicuous, a new study suggests.

Researchers found that wearing sunglasses made people less likely to be seen by others and that these changes could make their lives more efficient.

A study published online this week in the journal PLOS ONE found that a study of 1,038 participants showed that wearing glasses made people think twice about seeing others, while a second study found that they were less likely than their non-shirking peers to admit to seeing another person with a blind eye.

This may be because people who wear glasses, in the new study, think twice before seeing someone else with a visual impairment.

The researchers found that the more glasses a person wears, the less likely they are to acknowledge others with a visible impairment.

People who wore glasses were also more likely to think twice, while those who wore sunglasses were less so.

This change in perception could be a key to reducing the number of people with vision loss and blindness, according to lead researcher Michael J. Smith of the University of Southern California.

This study is the first to show that wearing eyeglasses can change our thinking and behavior, according a statement from the researchers.

“It’s clear that glasses can make us think differently about people who we don’t see,” Smith said.

“We are more likely now to be able to see people we can see, and to see them with their eyes open.”